Right Or Left For France?

The people of France have an interesting election for president having to choose  between dullness and hyperactivity.   Nicolas Sarkozy is an engine that never ceases  along with a  mouth that will always get in the last  word, that is, the word that never should have been spoken. He enjoys the good life, the good women and wants his picture in today’s newspaper. Opposing him is  Francois Hollande who  makes dullness a political statement. Francois is the guy who leaves the party at 8;00 p.m. in order to get home on time.

Francois will probably win the presidential election and France has been promised by him, “the next head of state  must be the exact opposite of Nicolas Sarkozy.” He promises to build “consensus,” whatever that means. At least the people of France will know that when they retire this evening, at least the president is  safely in bed for the night.