Right To Be Forgotten!

Europe’s Court of Justice has struck a blow for freedom that impacts each and everyone of those who are using the Internet. Currently, we are subject to the whims and desires and laws of those with power. They can intrude into our private lives in the name of “national security” and decide what can or cannot be removed from our web sites. The Court of Justice in Europe, responded to a plea by Mario Gonzalez of Spain who wanted material linked to the repossession of a house that was up for auction in 1998 to be removed. According to the Court decision, “inadequate, irrelevant or not longer relevant” materials must be removed by Google when requested by a person. In other words, we humans have the Right To Be Forgotten. Currently, Google or a government decides what we can or cannot remove from OUR web sites!

This should be the first step in a campaign that removes Government from supervising OUR web sites. It is time to end the tyranny of Government making decisions for we the people. It is OUR web site, not that of any government or business entity. If it is our property, then we decide when to cease the existence of our web sites.