Right To Pray Is Needed!

Many states in this nation are presenting to voters amendments to their state constitutions which would ensure the right of people to pray. Here in Missouri, our proposal allows students to opt out of assignments which violates their religious beliefs. I guess this means any test dealing with American history would violate some students religious beliefs. Of course, they should not be forced to take science courses which make the outrageous statement that this planet is millions of years in age rather than what we religious folk know is false. God created the Earth 12,000 years ago.

I continually encounter these “liberals”who insist we humans were not around when there were dinosaurs! Are they saying Barney Rubble did not ride on a dinosaur?? Look, humans left Africa about six thousand years ago and in the intervening thousand or so years changed skin color. How else could Jesus have a white skin and blue eyes?

As for that stuff about Neanderthals, I never met one so all I can say is they probably were some Jews who left Israel and wandered around. After all, Mormons know their ancestors were Jews who came to North America.

I wonder-if Christian Scientists don’t belief in medicine does that mean a Christian Scientist businessman does not have to be forced to offer health insurance to his employees?

Protect Religious Freedom– Oppose Obama Care!!