Right vs Left In Peru Election

The presidential election in Peru is a classic left vs right choice in which the population appears to be leaning slightly to the left of things. Former general Ollanta Humala lost his bid several years ago because of anti-capitalist rhetoric and fears he was Hugo Chavez, light. His opponent, Keiko Fujimori carried the burden of a father who was ruthless while president and violated the Constitution in his determination to have all power to rule. Early poll results indicate that Humala most probably will win the election by about three percentage points. The stock market is reacting with a downward trend due to fears he seeks to impose a government modeled after Hugo Chavez in Venezuela whose authoritarian rule is gradually eroding democratic rule in the nation.

Humala would be wise not to gaze north but to gaze east toward Brazil. Brazilian business interests feared the election of Lula but once in power, he made certain there would be no take over of the business section and democracy would be respected. Look in that direction, general.