Right Wing Alliance Collapses In European Union

The Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty Group has ended in the European Union parliament. It was the first far right wing political group to emerge in the EU, but it has fallen apart as anger erupted between Romanian right wingers and Italian. A group dedicated to racism collapsed because one of the racist blocs attacked another bloc’s citizens. The Italian right wing led by Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter, Alessandra Mussolini attacked her Romanian right wing friends by claiming that Romanians living in Italy had made law-breaking ‘a way of life for Romanians” after a Romanian immigrant was arrested for the murder of an Italian woman. Last week, the Greater Romania Party’s five members left the right wing group in protest which meant the bloc no longer had the minimum number of 20 members to officially be classified as a bloc. According to MEP Martin Schulz of the Socialist Group, “The good news is that the international of the ultra-nationalists no longer exists and cannot use the money of the European taxpayer to supports its xenophobia and neo-fascism.”

I guess when birds of hate come together they hate together which winds up being a hateful too much.