Right Wing Israeli Fanatics Cause Turmoil

The current state of the Israel-Palestinian conflict is linked to decisions made by the Israel government over the past forty years to allow Jewish settlers on the West Bank. These individuals have become a thorn in the quest for peace in the Middle East. Over the past few weeks, fanatic West Bank settlers violently assaulted Palestinians during the olive harvest and created turmoil within the area. The European Union reacted sharply to these actions. “The European Union once again condemns in the strongest possible terms the acts of violence and brutality committed against Palestinian civilians by Israeli settlers in the West Bank.” The EU emphasized it was the responsibility of the Israel government to halt this behavior and protect the rights of Palestinians.

Israel security forces tried tearing down illegal structures built by West Bank settlers only to have them rebuilt in defiance of law and order. Settlers even hurled rocks at Palestinian reporters and hurt several members of the IDF. There are reports these Israeli hooligans desecrated headstones at a Muslim cemetery and damaged more than 80 vehicles owned by Palestinians.

There will be no peace between Israel and Palestinians until radical groups on both sides are finally crushed.