Right Wing Nationalists In Czech Republic Confronted

In the 1930s, Czechoslovakia was among the first nations seized by the Nazis and during the war its citizens were subject to brutal treatment including the destruction of an entire village after the assassination of a Nazi leader. The horrors of Nazism have disappeared from the minds of nationalists in the country and been replaced by images of a benign Adolf Hitler and good days before the communists came to power. Nationalist groups demonstrated in April supposedly to mark the anniversary of an American bombing in Czechoslovakia but most probably to celebrate the 120th birthday of Hitler. This time they were met be determined people who refused to allow their town to become associated with the kooks of nationalism.

The people met the challenge of Nazism by talking openly against these groups, holding concerts, placing billboard signs with “Smile, Not Heil” expressions of derision of the nationalists. People stood up to the thugs and were faced with having their names and addresses listed on Nazi web sites. The best manner of handling Nazism is to confront them in public and not be cowed by their threats.

  • corvousier

    Good for the Czechs. I wish the Human Rights activists and other “progressists” have the same activism when they confront Comunism. There and here in America. Looks like only the nazis were the bad guys. I guess Pol Pot, Stalin, Castros, and Co. are just misunderstood.