Rights Of Citizens–Rights Of Government?

Barry George was acquitted at a retrial for the killing of BBC television presenter Jill Dando, but finds himself the subject of government actions designed to keep watch on his activities. George has initiated legal action against the Metropolitan police claiming his human rights were violated by making him the subject of a multi-agency public protection arrangement(Mappa). The arrangements involve the police, probation service, prison service and local authorities on grounds there is need to protect the public from sexual and violent offenders who are still considered a risk after serving their sentences. If his legal action succeeds, hundreds of other offenders who are supervised under Mappa could seek similar legal protection. George served seven years of his sentence after being found guilty at the first trial.

George’s challenge is unprecedented. He is at the lowest level of being forced to keep authorities of his movements and only tells local authority where he lives and also tells police. This writer does not have the faintest idea as to the guilt or innocence of Mr. George. He is said to suffer from a personality disorder and to be obsessed with celebrities and he has admitted stalking the famous and beautiful of our society. Then again, do George Bush and Dick Cheney suffer from personality disorders? Are they obsessed with power and the pursuit of it? Should their movements be monitored to ensure the safety of the public?

Then again, we suspect Rush Limbaugh fits numerous descriptions of personality disorder.