Rio Protests Continue

The old days prior to emergence of social media meant that government could control what was printed or shown in their society. But, after a week of increasngly open demonstrations against Brazilian government policies even President Dilma Roussef realizes there is a time bomb ticking away as people make clear they do not believe billions for sporting events prior to billions for lower fares and more schools and economic benefits for the poor. An estimated 2 million were in the streets of Brazilian cities demaning, “Stop Corruption. Change Brazil, Halt evictions” and adding that marching in the streets was the only place where people did not encounter taxes.

Ironically, years ago, President Roussef was marching in these same streets chanting the same complaints about a different president. There were such demonstrations in over 80 towns in Brazil. As Jamaime Schmitt put it: “there are no politicians who speak for us.”

Such is modern life.