Riots And Snooping

Riots broke out in major cities in Brazil over increases in transportation fare, in growing disgust over government corruption and in a police crackdown on people who believe they have the right to express opinions that are not supportive of government actions. Police used batons to beat the hell out of those engaged in protesting. In Istanbul,  thousands of miles away, police beat the hell out of those protesting construction of malls which destroy parks. These are not the first protests in human history, they simply are examples of how humans now have a social media which can display their opposition to corrupt government. There is nothing new about these expressions of disgust with government, they simply prove that a single human can now be heard expressing a single opinion.

Even as these people protested the president of the United States of America believed the critical issue of modern life is the right of government to spy on its own citizens. Barack Obama has a tendency to always be a step behind people. He never was able to even explain in clear terms the Affordable Care Act. He actually believes Americans are concerned about Syria. Two years ago, he should have demanded that Arab oil governments organized military support for Syrian rebels. Obama is always a step out of turn.