Riots, Burning, Death

Crowds of Muslim men chanting and throwing stones and grenades and whatever to display their fury at the burning of some Qurans by American soldiers. The men involved in the burning were simply cleaning up an area and decided to burn some books. Over a dozen people have died in these demonstrations along with several US and NATO soldiers who were murdered by their “allies.” A suicide bomber killed self and nine Afghans in order to demonstrate hate toward those who defile religion.

Ryan Crocker, US Ambassador to Afghanistan, urged some calm and reflection. “Tensions are running very high, I think we need to let things calm down.” The real issue is why this event triggered off such anger while the death of 6,000 fellow Muslims has yet to solicit a yawn. Where are imams marching into Syria to demonstrate solidarity with fellow members of their religion. No one should burn holy books. But, we are human and humans make mistakes. But,no one should remain silent at the death of so many Muslims.

I apologize, millions in Afghanistan don’t give a damn about fellow Muslims, but when it comes to burning a book………..