Riots In Greece As Immigrants Clash With Police

Greece has become a port of entry to migrants from Africa and the Middle East who seek to become part of the European Union success story. Yesterday, Greek police clashed with immigrants in the port of Patras after an immigrant was struck by a truck driver. The immigrants apparently thought it was a deliberate action and they poured into the streets in search of revenge. Patras has become a gathering point for immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and Asian immigrants who seek to hop across the Adriatic and find work in Italy. Last month there were demonstrations by truck drives who complained immigrants constantly sought to hitch rides and this frequently resulted in violence.

Perhaps, it is time for the African Union to sit down with the European Union in an effort to organize the process of immigration. This is not an issue that will disappear. In fact, as the economic crisis deepens we can expect even more violent demonstrations and anger on the part of all involved in the immigrant problem.

  • melisa

    This is absolutely true.
    I have been saying for a while that Patras is a small town and that at some point there will be violence and crime.

    These people are looking for the better life but at the same time they started ruining lifes of people alredy living in Patras.

    I would love to hear the solutions not only recognition and analyses of the problem.

    At least some temporary camps should be built and run by hummanitarian organizations.

    The immigration settlement in Patras is not legally organized and it poses many treats for everybody.

    I was visiting a friend who lives around the corner from this. It was horrible passing everyday through this area which is infested by garbage and feces. People are roaming the streets. There are many of them and sill coming.

    Residents in the area were going to the higher officials but suposely this problems is in Athens hands. Maybe some other European countries could help with finding the solution

  • Fred Stopsky

    Thanks for your comments.