Riots In London, Looting And Vandalism!

During the past few days and nights, gangs of angry people have displayed their fury at life by attacking police, looting stores, wrecking cars and creating mayhem in the streets of London. Police and firemen have battled gallantly to control this assault on law and order, usually at risk to their own lives. At least one person has been shot to death while hundreds of others have been jailed or physically beaten. No sane person can defend such lawlessness, but a sane person can inquire into reasons for this behavior.

Prime Minister David Cameron is furious and has made clear his intention to crack down on lawlessness in the streets of the capitol. He told rioters: “You will feel the full force of the law. I am determined, the government is determined, that justice will be done, and the people will see the consequences of their actions.” He ordered an additional 10,000 police  to London.

It is interesting that David Cameron seeks to impose the full force of law upon rioters in the streets, but never says a word about those who riot in the stock markets of the land. Wealthy businessmen have not wrecked stores, but they have wrecked the lives of millions. Cameron’s program of reducing financing of social services is wrecking the lives of those who require such assistance. But, he refused to compel the wealthy to bear the burden of restoring fiscal health to the nation.

Perhaps, fewer would riot if  more was done to equalize the burden of financial recovery.