Riots In Streets–Yell About Cartoons!!

The Jordan government has thousands of people taking to the streets demanding human rights and en end to the power of the monarch in their country. So, what does the government of Jordan to in order to address legitimate concerns about jobs or free elections– place a Danish cartoonist on trial for slander against Mohammad. Kurt Westergaard drew some cartoons that made fun of Mohammad and for that has had his life threatened and now Jordanian courts are going to place him in trial for slander. Of course, he has no intention of going to Jordan in order to participate in sham trial which is designed to get the government off the hook by directing anger outside the nation rather than focusing on jobs or free elections.

Member of the legislature want to cut ties with Denmark over the cartoons. The stooges who sit in the Jordanian parliament would say anything in order to keep their jobs. We are still wondering where are the imams who called for violence against cartoonists, but apparently do not express concern when Muslims are dying!