Riots In Thailand Go On And On

Thailand has been wracked with violence for months as protesters fill the streets of Bangkok with anger and demand the resignation of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra whose major crime is having a brother, Thaksin, who is hated by about half the people in this nation. Thaksin was forced to flee the office of prime minister and leave the country, but those who hate him, fear that his sister intends to get him a pardon and allow him to return. Thaksin is a billionaire who used his wealth to do things for poor people in northern regions of the nation and thus gain their votes. Those in upper classes of society hate Thaksin and thus hate his sister and want her to resign. They currently are protesting a general election that is scheduled for next week by preventing voters from going to a polling station.

In other words:

1. The Shinawatra family has the support of a majority in the nation.

2. A high percent of the country fears the money power of the Shinawatra family and its ability to gain support using their money power.

3. The armed forces are not supporters of Thaksin or his sister.

4. Government agencies like the Electoral Commission oppose the Shinawatras and have said it is OK to delay voting in a general election.

The country is deadlocked. Perhaps, it is time for the Shinawatra family to step down and allow another leader who will fight to end poverty.