Riots In The Streets?

A surprising poll taken in Great Britain reveals almost a third of respondents believe the British army within the coming years will be forced to deal with urban riots as the economic decline continues. Superintendent David Hartshorn of the London Metropolitan police believes radicals are planning a ‘summer of rage” to take advantage of social people angry at loss of jobs or loss of money caused by the growing recession. According to the poll, many believe there will be “serious social unrest in several British cities” in the coming months. A rather large majority believe young people who are without work should a year of national service working with the elderly or sick.

If the Depression is a model then government sponsored work programs for young people will be necessary if unemployment continues to increase. Unfortunately, the Gordon Brown government spouts cliches instead of coming up with interesting work programs for those who are without hope in the current work environment.


    This is only the start, how things play out will be upto the Feds and OBAMA’S masters. Rioting will trigger a crackdown on “freedom to assemble peacefully, and petition the government for redress of grivences”. This crackdown will only inflame the more “vocal” members of our society. DON’T DO IT. DON’T FIRE THE FIRST SHOT…….. LET THEM DO IT!!! This is a message for all the patriot brothers and sisters in the movement to restore honor and adhereance to the founding principles of our society. IF you let them fire the first shot, then they are guilty of the crimes that they try to tie to the patriot movement. They, the gov’t have not idea what they are in for if they “open up” on american citizens with guns or needles of some suppossed cure for a “pandemic” that they created. Most of my friends have unregistered items that will spark “mass retreat” in columns of Federal Troops. How bout a 37 mm rapid fire anti-tank gun with 3200 explosive rounds of ammo in storage. Kinda makes a HUMVEE look like a “wash-basket full of cherry jam” IF you get what im trying to say. IF the Feds keep going, they don’t have a clue about how many guys and gals have an unregistered machine gun, a rocket launcher, or a “sherman-tank in storage. Not to mention how many of us have several pounds or several hundred pounds of c4 or other high ex in reserve. Let em keep going, we in the patriot movement got something for em if they wan’t to “crack-down” and start killing innocent americans. LET EM TRY AND TAKE MY “Sherman” I got 75mm high explosive + 320 rounds of reason why they won’t succede

  • Fred Stopsky

    Congressmen have organized public meetings at which their constituents can discuss views. The so-called “patriots” like you disturb these meetings, shouting insults and making incredible comparisons that somehow the Obama health care proposal is like Nazi Germany? Huh? I hate to inform you, but there was no health care system at Buchenwald. The behavior of protestors represents a new low in the history of American politics.