Riots, Mayhem, And Morality

Life under capitalism is based on certain basic principles of blame. In a capitalist society, if poor people or disaffected youth openly display anger, they are simply revealing an inability to handle being left out of the good life. On the other hand, those with wealth and power simply disguise the source of their plunder of society since they function through processes of banks and business and government money. One will never witness a Wall Street banker shouting to the world his glee and ripping off society of another billion.

On the other hand, if one is poor, going into the streets and making clear you are pissed off at being denied opportunities for education or a decent job simply reveal your lack of morality. The sight of a hooded boy or girl breaking windows and seizing TV sets is open for all to see. The sight of a hedge fund operator sitting before a computer where money is taken from society is never shown to the world. There is the realm of open stealing and the realm of secret stealing.

But, to voices of morality, stealing openly reveals a lack of concern for fellow citizens. If you want to steal in a capitalist society, please do it without anyone seeing and under no condition, boast of your exploits. Such behavior will earn platitudes about your high sense of morality.