Riots Rock Pakistan

A national strike called by parties opposing the rule of President Musharraf, and a majority of the legal profession, organized nation-wide strikes to protest the increasing dictatorial rule of Musharraf. Nearly 40 people were killed this past weekend in Karachi as pro and anti-government forces clashed with one another. Three teenagers died in one shooting episode and even religious imams were murdered during the violence. About 10,000 lawyers marched in Lahore to protest the government’s refusal to accept the rule of law.

There is no question that Pakistan is on the edge of violence, partly brought on by American pressure upon Musharraf to be more active in the fight against Islamic fundamentalism. George Bush continues to ignore that many religious schools in Pakistan, which are the source of fundamentalist fervor, are funded by our dear ally, Saudi Arabia, which pays Islamic militants to oppose all forms of modernity. At some point Bush and America will finally realize making ourselves energy independent is the main way to halt the spread of Islamic fundamentalism. We currently pay our money to Saudi Arabia, which uses those funds to pay Islamic radicals to oppose forces of secularism and modernism.
Information from Daily Times of Pakistan