Rise Of A New Class In China

A “new social stratum” is emerging in China according to a study initiated by China’s Communist Party’s Central Committee. They are labeling businessmen and professionals as a new factor in the history of Communist China. “They want to participate in political affairs and realize their political ambitions so that their interests can be protected and voices head,” said the report The “new social stratum” includes private entrepreneurs, technicians, and managerial staff both in private and foreign-funded businesses. In a survey conducted in the province of Guangdong, only 19% of this group was satisfied with their participation in political affairs. Few of them have links to official Communist Party leaders and find difficulty getting across their views to the government. There are signs a few from this group are beginning to enter local politics.

The emergence of the “new social stratum” offers China great hope for the development of democracy. In the coming years people from this group will become more involved in Communist Party internal politics and get their voices heard in the halls of power. The new group is not interested in traditional communism and will shift the nation slowly, but gradually in the direction of a more democratic, capitalistic environment.