Rising Sun Declines

The former Japanese empire ran rampant over Asia bringing war, violence and rape to innocent people. In Europe during World War II the Nazi horror surpassed any prior example of destruction in human history. The people of Germany have acknowledged their guilt in such horror. But, the people of Japan continue insisting there was no rape in Nanking, their soliders did not kill millions of people, they are innocent victims  of American aggresssion. Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto informed the world that 200,000 women from Korea and China who were forced into prostitution in order to serve sexual desires of Japanese soldiers was simply a necessary wartime matter. He notes that Japanese soldiers were away from home and needed some sex. Therefore, Asian women peformed a noble service in servicing desires of Japanse soldiers.

The mayor does not believe his comments were incorrect. However, “I admit that my international sensitivity was quite poor.” Perhaps, the government of Japan might check with the German government regarding how a nation that caused death should respond. Step one is educating new generations about their murderous ancestors.