Rival To Corrupt Mugabe In Zimbabwe?

During the past two decades Robert Mugabe has transformed a once prosperous nation into the economic basketcase of the world. The unemployment rate is over 50%. It has an inflation rate of over 2,000% while hundreds of thousands have fled the nation in search of jobs. In election after election Mugabe has been able to stifle opposition through means of intimidation or outright fraudulent vote counting. Solomon Makoni, a high ranking member of the Mugabe ZANU PF party has emerged to challenge the incumbent and try for once to offer a viable choice to the people of Zimbabwe who actually might get elected. Makoni is a Leed University educated chemist who is known within party ranks for being honest and seeking to create democracy in his nation.

There probably is no “perfect candidate” in Zimbabwe and voters will have to select the best possible person. They must get rid of Mugabe to give their nation an opportunity to achieve some form of economic, political, and social recovery. Mr. Makoni might be the right person if he can forge an alliance within his party with those who know Mugabe must go. Good luck.

  • Anonymous

    what does basketase mean?

  • Solomon

    Please correct this story, and hopefully nxt time you can do a little more investigative journalism: the name of Mugabe’s challenger is Simba Makoni not Solomon

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Sorry, I am aware his name is Simba. I was hurried and wrote the wrong first name. I apologize.