Road To Nowhere

The United States of America is winding down its war in Afghanistan just as a new war is being fought in the United States of America. Republican Congressmen like Jim Sesenbrenner argue the public is on their side and wants the government to close down. “What I’m hearing from the public, mostly phone calls that we get here and in my Wisonsin office” is their support for our demands to end the Affordable Care Act. Of course, during the past three days nearly FIVE MILLION people have inquired on how to obtain the evil Obamacare. The Dow declined by 160 points, which apparently indicates people are happy with the refusal to increase the debt ceiling. Yes, Republicans are going to hang tough.

There are some deeper issues emerging from the current crisis. Is the current governmental structure that was created in 1787 no longer operational? Has America reached a tipping point in which a federal structure simply does not work? Do we need to inquire about the possibility of a parliamentary structure? Either the American people elect men and women who understand the modern world or we are walking on the road that leads nowhere-except to disaster!