Roaming Eyes Of PM Berlusconi On Michelle!

Prime Minister Silvio Belusconi is in deep trouble over reports he had prostitutes to his home and has been allegedly having affairs with young girls. His wife has grown weary of his roving eyes, and now President Obama can join those who really get bored by the Italian’s approach to diplomacy. The Italian prime minster told a Milan rally, that he was bringing greetings from the United States from, “what’s his name?Some tanned guy. Ah, Barack Obama.” He also took a jab at the First Lady with “you won’t believe it, but two of them sent to the beach because the wife is also tanned.”

The European media reported during the recent G-20 summit, Michelle Obama greeted many leaders with a kiss, but when Berlusconi showed up, he got a handshake. The media also noted the Italian Casanova spent his time gazing at the body of Mrs. Obama.

Take away this man’s money and what do you have– an old man who drools with envy at beauty that he can never have.