Rob Charges Ahead

The appearance on the scene of Mayor Rob Ford must be a welcome event for President Obama, another wild man who has no regard for coming across as competent in governance. Rob was at a City Council meeting at which his peers reduced powers of the mayor when suddenly he gazed across the room to see his brother, Councilor Doug Ford engaged in a conflict with a spectator. Rob charged toward the scene of action knocking over Councilor Pam McConnell in the process. According to Rob, “I’m in the gym for two hours everyday” and in great shape for a rather ample girthed man. After learning his budget was cut 60% and some of his employees allowed to go work for others, Rob wanted one and all to know: “I don’t smoke crack and I’m not a crack addict.”

My question is: If you are not on crack and you do not drink alcoholic beverages where then do you get this energy to jump over chairs and rescue damsels in distress– from your dumping them on the floor?