Rob Ford Is Missing, So Is Benghazi!

I was recently contacted by Fox News and the Republican Party regarding the recent disappearance of Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto. As it is well known, the mayor has a propensity for the use of alcohol and drugs of various descriptions and possibilities. However, several important FACTS still have to be addressed by the Obama Administration.

1. As of this date, neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama has provided or explained the Rob Ford connection with BENGHAZI!

2. Muslims reside in the city of Toronto, Rob Ford was seen on the Benghazi murder date deeply engaged in conversations with MUSLIMS in Toronto! Is that a coincidence?

3. My sources reveal that at this moment, Rob Ford is in BENGHAZI and getting drunk with Muslim Terrorists!

4. EVIDEnce! Those who killed Americans in Benghazi were seen driving Ford cars in their getaway. Rob Ford-Ford cars–a Coincidence!

When will Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton finally reveal the truth about Benghazi?? Four Americans died! OK, so 5,000 died in the Iraq war, big deal, the four dead at Benghazi must be avenged. Find Rob Ford and we finally get the truth about Benghazi. Provided, he is sober for the moment.