Rob Ford Is On Guard

I realize there are those who do not trust Rob Ford, the wonderful, delightful mayor of Toronto, Canada. He is a man who speaks his mind, he is a man who drinks his mind, and he is a man who does not mind those who criticize his behavior. OK, so he does enjoy a bit of alcohol, but look at the bright side. Would America be in a stronger position of Republicans were drunk most of the time? An inebriated Republican congressman is certainly more alert to life and he then understands what it is to be under the weather upon awaking–just like millions without work. Rob Ford engaged in a debate as part of his desire to once again become mayor of Toronto. Here is what he promised and assured voters:

1. People know my record.

2. People can go to sleep tonight knowing their dollars are not being wasted.

How many Republicans can make those statements–other than the top 1%?