Rob Ford, We Love You!

Rob Ford is mayor of the city of Toronto in Canada and has become a welcome sight to those on social media. He is either half drunk or wandering around stoned from use of cocaine. In his role as mayor, Rob is a model of how political leaders should behave. Since he is frequently either drunk or on drugs, this ensures that his proposals for legislation will make sense. Certainly, in a Rob Ford state of mind, this is more insightful than the sober mind of John Boehner. At least drunken Mr. Ford would recognize that providing more income for poor people stimulates the economy. Rob is taking a leave o f absence in order to gain control of his substance dilemma. Of course, the dilemma is really-should I remain stoned and being an effective mayor or should I become sober, spend my time with lobbyists and sell out the city of Toronto to the highest sober bidder?

Rob, we love you as a refugee from the TV show, Cheers. We prefer that you are drunk and singing with the crowd at your local pub then sitting behind a desk examining bids from people who are ready to support their making money with some nice money for his next political campaign.

Consider this scenario:

1. John Boehner gets drunk once a week and functions as a leader during this state of mind. Sound great?

2. Ted Cruz is on pot. At least this means no nutty claims to cut taxes on the wealthy.

4. Rand Paul gets boozed. Hopefully, this results in a visit to the nearest poor shelter where he can actually interact with the poor!