Rob Seeks Toyota In Future

A war is raging on the North American continent in which forces of evil seek to destroy the life and health of a brave sort of chubby guy from the free nation of Canada. Mayor Rob Ford has been fighting for the rights of every drunk person who claims the right to drink and fornicate as God meant people to drink and fornicate. If God did not mean us to be drunken bums then why did he allow us to become them? The Toronto City Council in a tight 39-3 vote suspended the right of Mayor Ford to appoint or dismiss the deputy mayor and his executive committee which handles the budget process. It also empowered the deputy mayor to handle civic emergencies. I wonder if the current behavior of Rob Ford falls under the heading of a “civic emergency.” Frankly, I am a bit confused about this entire matter. OK, so he takes a few drinks. OK, so he shacks up with a woman. So what? How many people on the Toronto City Council have taken a snort of hard liquor and they certainly don’t want us to check out their love lives.

Rob summed up the entire matter in that special way he has of stating the truth. “If i would have had a mayor conducting himself the way I have, I would have done the same thing.” Thanks Rob for being an honest man.Perhaps, you could convince members of the American Republican party to behave in your manner of life. It would be a refreshing break from their idiocy.