Rob Stands Tall For Justice

It is Saturday and Rob Ford again is dominating the news. Oh, some black dude from South Africa died and the world is in mourning, but Rob is never in mourning because he is Rob. The media is reporting that Mayor Ford offered some gangsters $5,000 and a car in exchange for a video that depicts him in a happy state of drugs. According to the rotund gentleman from Toronto, “that’s an outright lie and number two, you can talk to m y l lawyers about it.” According to this mysterious video, a strange man is asking the mayor for “150” for the video which apparently refers to “$150,000″ in real money. Please remember this is Saturday and we simply accept the reality that Rob never allows a weekend to go by without some enjoyable story of weird behavior to occur Oh, there are other videos in which our man of the hour is depicted using heroin or some other intoxicant of the moment.

From my perspective as a child of the Bronx where gangsters filled our streets and lives, having a mayor who associates with criminals is more acceptable than one who associates with Wall Street thugs, you know, the guys who rob us blind and control governments which do as they say. Give me a man like Rob Ford who stands for open criminal activity. At least the average person is not being robbed blind. And, when I say, “robbed” I refer to our friend of the people, Rob Ford!