Robert Gates Heads Boy Scouts

There is good news to report today, former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates has been asked to take over as head of America’s Boy Scouts. There is no better man for the job than the man who once worked for George Bush and then offered his talents to newly elected Barack Obama. After all, the Boy Scouts want a man who respects authority, a man who will sacrifice for the nation, a man who has honor and will serve and serve and serve, -all in the name of duty, and nation. OK, along the way, maybe there were a few things that were not always kosher, but who cares when it is a question of serving the cause of freedom, justice and the American way of death?

Robert Gates did help oversee the war in Iraq, and, by God, that was a noble effort for peace. OK, so maybe things were not always according to law or the Constitution, the issue is that Robert Gates served and served and did what he was told to do–win. OK, so maybe he actually never won a war that he oversaw. No one is perfect. Who else than he to head the Boy Scouts?