Robert Gates Is Lost In Past

Robert Gates who served both George Bush and Barack Obama believed it was his duty to publish book entitled, “Duty” which revealed it was people like him who were the problem in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Gates pounded away at mistakes allegedly made by President Obama in Afghanistan because, although he DID approve increasing the number of troops in Afghanistan, he really did not believe more troops would succeed. In other words, if only Obama “believed strongly” then success would have resulted in Afghanistan. The central issue for Robert Gates is how a president “feels” and whether or not a president “believes.” And, according to Gates the belief and the feeling must entail a commitment to MORE TROOPS ON THE GROUND!” At no point does Mr.Gates question the strategy of “more.”

Perhaps, Robert Gates might benefit from reading history. The United States of America in 1967 had nearly 500,000 troops in Vietnam, and our military leaders were demanding “more troops.” The theory of “more troops”failed in Vietnam, and it failed in Iraq. Al-Qaeda was temporarily “defeated” in Fallujah because Awakening Councils of Sunni tribesmen clashed with al-Qaeda, it was NOT because of the famous “surge” of General Petraeus. Unless there is a government in place that is competent and working on economic development, more troops, will not succeed.

Sorry, Mr. Gates, who cares what Barack Obama “felt” or “believed.” In the end, a local population determines success or failure in an insurgency.