Robert Mugabe Is A Thug And Sanctions Must Remain!

Robert Mugabe who stole an election in order to use the title of “President” is furious because the European Union refuses to end sanctions against the gang of murders and thieves who control the government of Zimbabwe. Ostensibly, there is “power sharing” which theoretically allows the opposition party some say in running the government, but the police, army and security forces are under the control of Mugabe. As always, Robert blames the ever useful cause of “anti-colonialism” to explain away torture and beatings of opposition members. He insists the issue is all about Western nations seeking to take Zimbabwe resources for their own purposes. “We have resources they envy, natural resources that belong to us. There is the issue of land here.”

Yes, ownership of land is an issue. But, what Mugabe refuses to acknowledge is how his regime seized land from white farmers and gave the land to cronies of the president. Naturally, those cronies were no interested in farming or providing jobs for people in Zimbabwe, they were only interested in how much money they could make from the farms.

Mugabe insists all Zimbabweans agree “that the sanctions must go.” Of course, the sanctions must go, but so must Mugabe go.