Robert Mugabe Is Upset!

Robert Mugabe, many, many years ago before most reading these words were born, was a fighter against British colonialism. He helped lead his people to independence, and when victory was achieved, both black and white skinned people in Zimbabwe united to work for peace. In those long ago days, Zimbabwe was considered the “bread basket of Africa.” and its economy provided work for all. Alas, Robert Mugabe took over and initiated a reign of terror, rape and murder and anyone who dared oppose this petty thug was termed a “colonialist.” Since he stole an election a few years ago and murdered hundreds of his opponents, nations of the world have refused to allow members of the thug regime to travel or to gain access to money held in foreign accounts. Mugabe is upset and blamed this program on gays in Europe. “”there they turn man-to-man and woman-to-woman. If they want to call their country British Gaydom,it’s up to them. that’s not our culture. We condemn their filth.”

The issue is not about vestiges of colonialism. The issue revolves around this man’s attack on his own people. He betrayed an agreement to work cooperatively with members of the opposition. Instead, his criminal government has tortured and imprisoned innocent people. The real tragedy is failure on the part of South Africa to stand tall for Africa and work to under mine this criminal.