Robert Mugabe: Rogue President Of Zimbabwe

The Democratic Alliance in South Africa came out strongly in demanding that its government take action to compel President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to adhere to decisions of the South African Development Community. For the third time, Mugabe refused to even attend, let alone abide, by the SADC decision requiring his government to return or compensate land illegally taken from South African farmers who held land in Zimbabwe. Of course, the reason Mugabe does not wish to return the land is due to having given these possessions to his cabal of admirers who fawn and do whatever the boss man desires. Mugabe has transformed a once agricultural bread basket of Africa into a poverty basket. He has used violence to “win” a presidential election and has killed and brutalized opponents. The government of former South African presidents did nothing because Mugabe waved the flag of “colonialism” to cover up stealing land.

There are over a million refugees in South Africa from Zimbabwe who left because their president wrecked the country’s economy. It is time that South Africa demanded Robert Mugabe adhere to principles of the SADC.