Rockets, Rifles, And Dead People

Palestinians, belonging to the splinter Islamic terrorist group, sent a Katyusha rocket toward the city of Ashkelon which represented the largest rocket to hit an Israel community. The Israel Defense Force responded with air and ground level operations that resulted in the death of Hamas militants and civilians caught in the cross fire. The attack on a major Israel city was bound to initiate a strong reaction since no Israel leader can allow such attacks to go on without a strong reaction. Eleven Palestinians are dead, including two Hamas officials.

There is now emerging within Israel the rise of groups which will demand a land invasion of Gaza and, in so doing, wreck any opportunity for peace. This is the old pattern, push the other side to take some strong military action and the result will be to destabilize any opportunity for peace. A powerful Israel thrust into Gaza will compel the Palestinian Authority to end peace negotiations. Obviously, this is the aim of the militants behind the rocket attacks, they do not want peace.

Perhaps, it is time to ask Egyptian troops to enter Gaza and begin enforcing peace upon militant groups. Unless something is done, the prospects for peace diminish by the day. It is also important to get Hamas to the negotiating table and avoid having them linger on the outside away from assuming any responsibility for peace