Rocky Road For Japan And China

There are occasions in life when nations have absolutely no reason to become upset, but for some officials the opportunity to let the nation know they will not back down is a wonderful photo op. There are five uninhabited islands which lie off the coast of China or Japan or Taiwan depending on how one gazes out from their place of origin. There have been mass demonstrations in China and Japan as people riot over islands which they could not locate on a map.

Actually, no one even agrees on the name of these islands. They are eitherthe Senkaku or Diaoyu islands depending on whether you are Japanese or Chinese. Now, do you want to know the real reason for this great dispute? Take one guess. OK, you are right, it is all about the POSSIBILITY of oil in the vicinity fo the islands.

Ah, we have come a long way from the time when China was being bossed around by a bunch of European nations of invaded by Japanese soldiers.

Anyone for common sense??