Rodman, The Peace Maker

Dennis Rodman is a basketball player, or, I should say, was a famous basketball player in the NBA. He was noted as a tough rebounder who enjoyed knocking around other players and for each game might change the color of his hair. His career ended which meant there were fewer opportunities for Dennis to make the daily headlines and this was hard for a man who so enjoyed messing with the minds of players and the public. Somehow, some way, he wound up in North Korea whose leader, the pudgy little man known as Kim Jon Un for some way was taken with the red headed American basketball player. Dennis was among the few Americans who could actually go to North Korea and come back without spending any time in a jail. He just returned from another trip, but for some reason did not shoot any baskets with the pudgy little North Korean. Mr. Rodman claims he was there to organize a basketball game for the January birthday of his buddy who just executed a few hundred people in a dispute over money.

We have come a long way from the days of Jackie Robinson to the days of Dennis Rodman or Michael Jordan. Robinson walked with Martin Luther King and devoted his life fighting for social justice. Jordan, when asked about his sneakers being made by children in Asia, replied that he sold shoes, he really did not care how they were made. Rodman insists he is only interested in basketball in North Korea and has no interest in people being killed in that nation or starved to death. Such is the face of modern athletes in the year 2013!