Rodriguez And Christie: Profiles In Arrogance

It has been an interesting week in which Alex Rodriguez, he of the $25,000,000 annual salary and Chris Christie, he of the power to assert his weight upon those who lack size and power, have both been attacked and humbled by the forces of decency. Alex was informed that in 2014 he would not be given $25,000,000 nor allowed to play baseball while Governor Christie has been made painfully aware that his daily arrogance resulted in members of his staff to assume that same power was also in possession of those who served him in the quest to become all powerful in the beloved state of New Jersey. In one sense, the TV program, “The Sopranos” has been transformed into the reality of Jersey life. Governor Christie spent nearly two hours informing the media that he is simply a man who lacks power to influence the behavior of his subordinates who run wild due to his weakness as a leader. They engage in criminal actions about which he knows nothing, and they play games with the lives of people in New Jersey. Chris is simply a VICTIM and,above all, he is NOT a Bully!

Alex Rodriguez, unlike the typical person who is charged with crimes, has access to millions of dollars which allow him to continue and continue his quest to do as he damn well pleases and not be subject to any punishment. He has been informed there will be no baseball this year, nor any money, but Alex is Alex and he will continue his fight in federal courts because how can Alex be denied his rights?? Both men are arrogant with power and this sense of being above normal law and behavior has translated into their fight to prove the world is wrong, but they are innocent VICTIMS.

Neither Alex nor Chris is a portrait in courage except the courage to use their money or power to prove others are at fault. Alex Rodriguez will not play baseball in 2014. The question remains, will Chris Christie be playing politics in 2016?