Roger Clemens And Politics Of Lying

Roger Clemens is a baseball pitcher who has done very well during his career. He, undoubtedly, is a liar, he is a braggart, he is a man whose only concern in life is his own life. The US federal government has now charged this man who spent his life throwing a baseball with having lied to the US Congress about his use of steroids. This nation has 10% of its workers lacking jobs, we are still working our way through one economic crisis after another and the US Congress devotes its time to questioning athletes about their use of steroids! I am confused. Was the purpose of summoning Mr. Clemens to Congress to seek his opinion about potential legislation regarding steroids? Why exactly was anyone in the government interested in medications that people take? Isn’t the purpose of investigating to gather information that will be of use in designing new laws?

Roger Clemens is selfish man who believes he can do in his private life whatever he desires. In that respect, he is much like a majority of members of Congress. If one made it a crime to be a blowheart, then Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and a cast of millions would be sent off to jail. It is time for Congress to focus on issues of legislation, not making headlines by summoning celebrities to show the world who they really are.