Roma Are Still With Us

There is something very disconcerting about modern life. I was raised to be a Socialist whose goals in life were respect for human dignity and support for human rights. In America, the allegedly “liberal” Barack Obama boasts of spying on innocent people, and taps into phones of allies. In France the Socialist Interior Minister, Manuel Valles has police seize a child on the school bus, and send her to Kosovo because she was guilty of being a Roma who lacked the proper Papers! Thousands of Roma wander the streets of Europe, lacking papers they cannot obtain a legal job and they have been trained for hundreds of years to inhabit the fringe of society and do the work of those who live without means of getting legal jobs. Over these hundreds of years the culture of Roma leads individuals to become thieves or prostitutes or do whatever earns some money in order to obtain food and lodging.

Europe has yet to find a place for the Roma other than being fringe people who cluster in the shadows of fears in the dark places of cities. Yes, many are thieves. Yes, many do not have legal jobs. Yes, it is society which deprives them of the right to have a legal position in society.