Roma Blamed Once Again

Copenhagen is a modern metropolis with hundreds of thousands living within its confine as well as millions who visit it each year. Danish police recently found 12 Roma living in a derelict abandoned post office and arrested them for trespassing on private property. Police are concerned about the ever increasing number of Roma who have come to their fair city of Copenhagen to find a way of life. Political leaders are currently discussing ways of coping with this large influx of undesirable aliens who supposedly beg for money, sell bottles or engage in life of crime. Current estimates place the number of these hordes of Roma at anywhere from 200–400! A police spokesperson promised a “series of police raids will be carried out and there will be nothing soft-handed about it.” They are working with Romanian police to ascertain the status of the 12 arrested Roma.

Let us accept the figure of 400 as the number of Roma in Copenhagen. Is it possible that among these 400 a few are working at paying jobs? If not, can an employment agency help secure work for these men and women. I am certain they prefer a weekly wage to what they could earn begging.