Roma, Forgotten People

In the United States we have a poliical party which believes that 47% of the people are not worthy of their attention because they do not vote for the right people. In Germany, as well as many parts of Europe, the Roma people are not considered worthy of society’s attention. Roma have come to Germany from eastern European societies in search of work and a decent life. In reality, they inhabit the fringes of society, they are people one passes in the street with a hurried glance of fear. About 8,000 Roma are in Berlin. Hundreds live in cars, they seek jobs only to be compelled to secure low paid work, or be reduced to begging. Marietta told a reporter as she held a baby in her arms that since the age of two she has lived in a car. And, most probably, so will her own daughter. The Berlin city government is now launching an Action Plan which is designed to provide housing and access to education for Roma children.

Few, like Mitt Romney, grasp that poor people WANT work. They want the dignity of earning decent salaries so they can receive respect from their children and neighbors. Middle and upper class people believe fervently in the myth of “laziness.” If one does not have money,then it is caused by their own refusal to work. Just ask the Republican party which actually believes people seek Food Stamps to avoid work!

The poor are not only the children of Jesus, they are the unseen people of society.