Roman Polanski And Politics Of Fame!

The government of Switzerland has turned down a request to allow movie director Roman Polanski to be released on bail. By now, the facts of the case are known throughout the world. Thirty years ago, Polanski drugged and then assaulted a thirteen year old girl. Ordinarily, a man who rapes a young girl would be judged to be evil or mentally ill, but in the world of celebrities, raping young girls is a mark of distinction or a manifestation of the right of those with power to use the bodies of young girls without power. Hollywood stars who regard the rape of women in Darfur with horror and demand punishment for those guilty of these heinous crimes are remarkably supportive of Mr. Polanski’s rape.

Perhaps, there is need to establish a new category of rape– girls raped by famous men. If you have starred in, directed or produced a movie, then you are given special treatment in rape cases. It is called, “artistic achievement.” The real question is who is sicker, Polanski or those who support him?