Romas Face Hatred In Finland

Historically, Romas and Jews have confronted hatred in Europe on grounds they are “different” or they “look different.” A recent influx of Romas into Finland has unleashed a backlash among conservatives and nationalists who do not “those people” living in “their country.” Amnesty International complained to Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen concerning lack of action to prevent the ongoing campaign against European Union citizens. “The lack of action on the part of the EU is shocking” and he demanded programs be instituted that enable Romas to obtain meaningful work. A Finnish member of Parliament, MP Hakola is introducing legislation that would make begging a crime. In other words, if one is poor, the best way to deal with poverty is to place the person in jail.

I was raised during the Depression when millions were reduced to begging due to poverty. The best response to poverty is always -WORK!