Romas Flock To Canada To Escape Hungary Prejudice

Romas have endured constant prejudice and hatred in Hungary which has led to a desire on the part of many to seek new places where they can be accorded respect as humans. A Canadian immigration official noted his nation has been witnessing a dramatic surge in refugee claims from Hungary, and many of these immigrants are of Roma background. The number of Hungarians applying for entry into Canada has risen from 172 the initial three months of the year to 750 during the next quarter.

Finnish immigration authorities report a surge in application from Romas to their nation. :When an EU citizen seeks asylum in any member state, it is considered a safe country of origin,” noted immigration sources. Until Hungary addresses issues of discrimination against Romas hundreds, if not thousands, will be leaving for new destinations.

  • journeyer58

    I must ask one question, isn’t this what the hate-mongers and racists of Hungary want? Do they not want the Roma, a despised and hated people to leave ‘their’ country?
    I find it hard to believe in this day and age, that a whole country, would stand for the genocide of another group within their midst. Genocide can consist not only of mass murder and wiping out another culture within a country, but also the mass exodus of this same people from their homeland, that they have inhabited for generations upon generations.
    We are instead of progressing, regressing into the state of that which started World War II.
    Only this time it will not be political but an economic cause that starts World War III.