Romas Worry About Racist Attacks In Czech Republic

Omas in the Czech Republic are concerned by recent attacks including fire bombing a home which resulted in injuries to children. Members of the Romany communities are considering development of plans for quick escape in case there are other such assaults. There is also a growing feeling that emigration might be the only solution in dealing with the ongoing prejudice against Romas in the Czech Republic. About 570 Czech Romas applied for emigration to Canada in January and February which contrasts with the total of 853 for the entire year of 2008.

There is something sad when hundreds of people who have spent their lives in a nation believe they must leave in order to ensure personal safety. Undoubtedly, they will find homes in Canada and opportunities for their children to obtain a decent education. But, their departure is also a loss for the Czech people because it means something is missing in a society which forces people to flee for their lives.