Romnesia Sickens Romney!

We regret to inform the American people that Mitt Romney has been diagnosed by political doctors with a severe case of Romnesia. This disease affects brain neurons resulting in an inability to recall what was said a few minutes prior to what the person just expressed. For example:

1. Mitt Romney once said he supported gay rights. He does not recall that statement.

2. Mitt Romney once said that he supported government health insurance plans and now insists that he never said any such thing.

3. Mitt Romney once came out in support of gun control laws, but today he wants less restrictions on who can possess guns.

4. Mitt Romney once supported abortion rights but today he has no recollection of ever making such statements.

5. Mitt Romney once said that women are entitled to the right to control their bodies but his mind has no recollection of such a comment.

If you want a mentally unbalanced man in the White House vote the straight Mitt ticket. Of course, after voting, you will forget for whom you voted.