Romney A Metaphor For Mitt Romney

After years of planning and expenditure of millions of dollars the only thing Mitt Romney has gotten across is that he is a caricature of the Mitt Romney who is discussed in the media. He has become the nowhere man who lacks any connection to a single idea other than he is a businessman. Utter a cliche concerning Mitt  Romney, wait a day and he will say something that  proves evidence he fits your cliche.

There is something sad about this man who tries so very, very hard to come across as Joe the guy in the bar with whom you want to share a  drink. We believe the mistake of the Romney campaign was failure to draw upon his own intelligence and experience as governor in order to speak in honest terms. Had he supported the idea of national health insurance, had he spoken in favor of extending job insurance, he would have lost right wing votes, but he would have gained enormous respect from independents.

Sorry, Mitt, you can get the support of the Tea Party, but in so doing, you will lose an election.