Romney Fires Away!

Mitt  Romney recently boasted “I like being able to fire people,” but it is now clear he also meant “I like being able to fire away at people like Newt Gingrich.” He unleashed a new ad which goes straight to the heart of how his SuperPac intends to destroy the career of the man who claims to be an historian. A new video stated bluntly what Mitt thinks about Newt. ‘Newt attacks because he has more baggage than airlines. Newt was fined $300,000 for ethics violations, took $1.6 million from Freddie Mac, and co-sponsored a bill with Nancy Pelosi that would have given $60 million a year to a UN sponsored program supporting China’s one child policy.” Now, that is making clear what Mitt thinks about Newt.

Newt is furious that someone dares to attack him and promises to sue TV stations, the SuperPac which ran the ad, his former wives and anyone else fom whom he might get some money. His lawyer, Stefan Passantino warned Mitt: ‘discussing the facts concerning one’s records are fine, using SuperPac funds to mislead voters will no longer be tolerated.”

After ten months of charges and counter-charges it is nice that someone wants to make someone back up statements with facts.