Romney Has Told All

The furor over whether Mitt Romney should or should not reveal tax returns is really a storm in a tea cup. Exactly, what is it that Americans  do not know abut this man? He is very, very wealthy. He does NOT pay the same tax rate as does the average middle class person, and he never will due to his ability to circumvent tax laws and receive the lowest possible rate. Who doubts that part of his money lies in bank accounts in foreign nations? Who doubts that he does not pay American level taxes on X percent of his money?

We do know that Mitt Romney never created a business from scratch. We know that he did not create new jobs for working people. We know that he made certain thousands lost their jobs or kept them at lower wages. Mitt Romney is not the unknown man. Elect him and it is certain millions will lack health insurance and millions MORE will be unemployed. That is the real Romney!

Oh, as for you women….